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In California, any storage rack or shelving system over 5’9” is required to have the proper permits on file with the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) in the location they are installed. Due to the high seismic activity in certain areas of our state, all storage racks and shelving systems that are erected over 12’ require a “High Pile” permit.

Both the Fire and Building Departments review the plans, structural calculations, sprinkler system design, and commodities to be stored. Once the plans receive approval from both authorities, a building permit is issued and installation can begin. After the shelving has been anchored to the concrete slab, a third-party “special Inspection” is required. The inspector will come to the jobsite and verify that the anchors are secured to the slab. Once this inspection is complete, the Fire Department is called to the site to inspect the facility. They’ll look at the sprinkler system, Knox Boxes, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and other life-safety elements of the storage area to ensure it’s safe. After the Fire Department has approved the racking, the Building Department will inspect the racking and verify that the actual construction matches the plans approved during plan review. Once this inspection has been completed, the racks can be finally be stocked and loaded!

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